Lebanon Rotary Club and Polio Plus

Lebanon Rotarian John Carr administers Polio vaccines in Africa

Lebanon Rotary Club and Rotary International Polio Plus Program:

  The Lebanon Rotary Club continues its support for the Rotary International Polio Plus Program.   During the 2008-2009 year the "Sustaining Membership" contributions topped $7,500 for the first time in the history of the club.   These funds are used by Rotary International to support the Polio Plus Program.   Each year the majority of the members of our club continue to donate $100 towards the Sustaining Membership and Polio Plus.   The Lebanon Rotary Club donates several thousands of dollars a year to support the Polio Plus Program.  

In mid 80's  the Lebanon Rotary Club coordinated a three year project to support the newly formed Rotary Foundation program called Polio Plus. Our Club pledged, worked, and raised a total of $28,500 towards the Polio Plus Program over a three period from 1985 to 1988  

Another way our club supported the Polio Plus Program is that we sponsored Lebanon Rotarian John Carr (pictured above) on his travels to Cotonou, Benin in Africa on November 4 - 10, 2009 to assist in administering Polio vaccines to children through the Rotary International Polio Plus Program.

Learn more about the Polio Plus Program and the role of Rotary International at this web site:   http://www.endpolio.org/