History of the 2010's (2010 - 2019)


 The Lebanon Rotary Club began the decade of the 2010's in its continued support for the young people of Laclede County by establishing the Rotary Choices Program.  The Choices Program was presented in the spring of 2010 by Rotarians to all 8th grade students in Laclede County schools, and focused on students' self discipline and students making quality decisions regarding their future. (Pictured left/above: Rotarian Jared presents the Rotary Choices Program.


In the fall of 2010 the Lebanon Rotary Club began celebrating its 75th Anniversary as a club.  On October 30, 2010 the club scheduled an evening kickoff banquet of the celebration which coincided with the  first organizational meeting of the club in October 1935. (Pictured right/above:  Rotarian Kenny talks about the early times of the club),      The club celebrated its 75th Anniversary on April 26th 2011 with a special luncheon meeting inviting our Rotary District Governor Raymond Blume to speak to the club. (Pictured below)


As a part of the 75th Anniversary celebration the Lebanon Rotary Club announced a three year project which focused on students in our schools.  In this project the club would donate $30.000 over three years (2011, 2012, & 2013) to the Lebanon School District to support the installation of 30 units of interactive smart board technology in Lebanon Junior High School and Lebanon High School. (See picture below)

The Lebanon Rotary Club began a new program, Koats for Kids, in the fall of 2011.  This program allows the club to purchase and donate hundreds of winter coats each year to students in need in the Lebanon, Conway and Joel E. Barber school districts. (Pictured below: Rotarian Doug assist students in selecting coats)  In the fall of 2012 the club started a new fundraiser, the Rotary Route 66 5K Run, which raises fund to purchase coats for the Koats for Kids Program (See picture below) 


In October 2012 the Lebanon Rotary Club established a new member criteria, and after each new member met certain criteria (See the "Membership Page") they could remove the "New Member" designation from their name badge.  In association with the new member criteria the club began a new member orientation for new Rotarians which assists the new members to understand the vision of Rotary International and the Lebanon Rotary Club.  This orientation also assists new members in understanding how they can become actively involved in our club.  (Pictured left/above:  Rotarian  Larry leads the new member orientation)


During the decade of the 2010's the Lebanon Rotary Club also undertook two additional three year projects to support young people in our schools.  The first of these projects was the donation of $30,000 over three years (2014, 2015, & 2016) to assist in the renovation of the Lebanon High School Nellie Meents Library.  The funds supported a new computer lab in the LHS Library - the "Rotary Success Center" (see pictures right and below).    



The second of these projects for our students (2017, 2018 & 2019) allowed the Lebanon Rotary Club to donate $30,000 over the three year period to support the implementation of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Program at Boswell Elementary.  This project assisted in paying for supplies and equipment to educate all of the 4th and 5th grader in the STEM Program.  (See Pictures Below)


An additional three year project in the decade of the 2010's will begin in July 2019 and extend into the next decade - 2020 and 2021  - Youth in Agriculture Project.  This project will focus on the youth involved in agricultural activities in the community and county (FFA students, 4-H students, etc.), using the Lebanon Agricultural Legacy Center.  The Lebanon Rotary Club will donate $30,000 over the three year period to purchase equipment and supplies associated with youth activities and events scheduled in the Lebanon Agricultural Legacy Center.  (See Picture right/above) 


In 2018 the Lebanon Rotary Club undertook a new on-going project in partnership with the City of Lebanon.  The club worked with the City of Lebanon and  Forest Releaf of Missouri to design tree layouts for both Atchley and Boswell Parks in Lebanon.  The Rotary club planted 142 trees in these two parks in April 2018.  In April of 2019 the club helped plant 80 trees in Gasconade Park.   This partnership will assisted the City of Lebanon in receiving the Tree City USA designation.  Also, this tree planting project will give the citizens of Lebanon the enjoyment of these trees for decades to come.(Pictures right/above Rotarian Don plants a tree with a city employ in Gasconade Park)


During the decade of the 2010's the Lebanon Rotary Club continued the major fundraisers:  the Rotary Pancake Day, the Rotary Golf Tournament, the valet parking for the Gospel Sing, and the weekly collection of funds for the student fund (shoe fund) through trivia questions.  (See pictures below)

The club also continued its other service projects from previous decades which included:  The Boswell Motivational Cooking, the Academic Luncheon for LHS senior honor students, student college scholarships,  the Share Your Christmas project, serving students in need in our community, along with donating to a variety of community organizations.  (See pictures below)