Membership in the Lebanon Rotary Club


What is Rotary?

Rotary International is an association of Rotary clubs world- wide. It is made up of more than 32,000 Rotary clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas. The members of these autononmous clubs are called Rotarians, and they form a global network of 1.2 million business and professional leaders, all volunteering their time and talents to serve their communities and world.


How do I become a member of the Lebanon Rotary Club?

 Individuals who wish to become members of a Rotary Club must be sponsored or proposed for membership into the club. A prospective member should be invited by a Rotarian as a guest three times, being introduced to the membership each time. This will allow time for the prospective member to see what Rotary is all about and hopefully answer any questions they might have about the Rotary Club. The prospective member would then be asked to fill out a membership application form an request membership in to the Rotary Club. 

What are the qualifications for membership?

Prospective members must:

1. Hold (or be retired from) a professional, proprietary, executive, managerial, or  community position.

2. Have demonstrated a commitment to service through personal involvement.

3. Meet the club's weekly attendance or community project participation requirements.

4. Live or work within the vicinity of the club or surrounding area.

What are the responsibilities of Rotary members?

Members are expected to attend weekly club meetings. They must pay annual dues to their club (see question below), and they are expected to participate in local or international Rotary club activities and projects. Clubs encourage members to aspire to club leadership or committee roles.

What are the  attendance requirements?

An attendance record of 50 percent is required to remain an active Rotarian. Any missed meeting must be made up within 14 days before or after the regular  meeting. 

How much are the dues for the Lebanon Rotary Club?

Dues are paid  every six months in January and July.  The dues are $240 every six months  which includes $60 dues and $180 for meals. Members are required to pay for each of their meals even though they may not be able to attend all  meetings. Members are also required to pay $30 in January for Pancake Day tickets and given the option to pay a $100 sustaining membership donation  that goes directly into the Rotary Foundation in July.


Rotary Club of Lebanon, Data Base Information

To access the Rotary District 6080 Website and the Club Directory for the Rotary Club of Lebanon go to the "DAB DATA BASE" Button below.       

Type in your user name which is your email address and your password.

New Member Criteria


Attend 24 Meetings

Review Lebanon Rotary Website

Review Rotary International Website

Participate in one service activity

Participate in one fundraiser

Attend a New Member Orientation

         (2 per year - Sept. & April)

Options - Complete at least three:

Add your photo to the database

Serve as a greeter

Attend a Rotary Board Meeting

Lead the Club in the Four-Way Test

Set at each table one time

Sponsor a new member

Serve on or chair a committee

Become a sustaining member