Decade of the 2000 - History (2000 - 2009)


 A new century brought about many ways to exemplify "Service Above Self" through various activities and projects. To help celebrate the Rotary International Centennial Celebration, the Lebanon Rotary Club undertook a three year project to help establish the Route 66 Museum at the Lebanon-Lacede County Library Center. The Club raised $66,000 to fund this unique museum project during the years of 2004, 2005, and 2006. (Pictured left/above) The Route 66 Museum has a plaque showing the membership in the club and explaining the funding of the project.  


 Also, in 2008 our club donated the message marquee for the sign at the Lebanon Laclede County Library.

A significant change took place with one of the Lebanon Rotary Club's most successful and ongoing fund raisers during the decade of the 2000's when Pancake Day was moved to the Lebanon Civic Center in 2003 to coincide with the community-wide garage sale. The club went from making $300 to $400 profit, to clearing $3,000 to $4,000 with this fundraiser.


Additionally, the club started the Rotary Golf Tournament, which also continues to be a great fund-raiser. These additional funds allowed the club to expand its "Service Above Self" emphasis in the 2000's.

By the early 2000's the club's Shoe Fund (Milk Bottle Fund) had been expanded to include school supplies and clothing needed by students. The club works with school district personnel to identify students and their needs. Each week club members attempt to answer trivia questions; any members answering incorrectly must pay one dollar, which goes into this fund.

In 2005 the Lebanon Rotary Club partnered with the Lebanon R-III School district in establishing the Mentoring Program for young people in need of a positive role model in their lives. Rotarians commit one hour a week or so to meet with the young persons and get to know them by discussing their interests, goals, and concerns.   Each May the Rotary Club schedules one of their Thursday luncheon meetings to provide an entertaining educational program for these special young people (See pictures below)


The Lebanon Rotary Club celebrated the Rotary International Centennial on February 24, 2005 with a huge banquet. Governor Matt Blunt was the club's guest speaker at the event. (Pictured Above) Other special activities include a Centennial Christmas parade float, and the club's continued commitment to its Route 66 Museum Project.


A new milestone occurred in the Lebanon Rotary Club in July of 2006 when Joy Randolph was installed as Lebanon Rotary Club's first woman president. (Pictured above)   Rotarian Joy states that "being the first women president for the Lebanon Rotary Club in 2005-2006 was very rewarding and challenging. My success can be credited to the long-time members who mentored and supported me during my year" 


In 2005 the Rotary Club of Lebanon started a new fund raiser in association with the Brumley Sing (today's Lebanon Gospel Sing) scheduled in August of each year at the Lebanon Civic Center. During the four nights of the sing, Rotarians valet park cars for individuals who wish to have the convenience of "curb side" service.  (Pictured Above)   

 In 2007 the Lebanon Rotary Club relinquished its Rotary Canteen Trailer, had it refurbished, and in 2008 donated it to the American Red Cross as a Disaster Relief Unit  (Pictured left)

Activities of the later 2000's

Fireside Chats

Prepare Meals for Teachers

Fireside Chats


In January 2008 the Lebanon Rotary Club's Fireside Chats were rekindled. The purpose of the Fireside Chats is to gain additional ideas from the membership concerning different aspects of the projects and activities of our club. It was at this Fireside Chat that the idea of a new Lebanon Rotary Club Website originated. (

Truck of Hope

Prepare Meals for Teachers

Fireside Chats


In June 2009 the Lebanon Rotary Club sponsored one of the first of many visits to Lebanon by the Truck of Hope. The Truck of Hope distributed food to those individuals in Laclede County who had recently become unemployed and were in need of assistance.

Prepare Meals for Teachers

Prepare Meals for Teachers

Prepare Meals for Teachers


Rotarians have provided prepared a meal for teachers since the early 1980's. Here, Rotarians prepare lunch for Lebanon R-III School Staff Members at Lebanon High School on August 18,2009 

Boswell "Cookout"

Scholarship Recipients

Prepare Meals for Teachers


April 2009 - Rotarians provide motivation for Boswell Elementary students for perfect attendance during MAP testing by providing hotdogs and hamburgers for lunch.

Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients


The Lebanon Rotary Club has awarded scholarships to young people attending college since the 1970's. Pitured above are the Melva Palmer Ellis Scholarship recipients for 2009.

Rotary Donations

Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients


The Lebanon Rotary Club continued to support many different community organizations in the 2000's.   Pictured above is Community organizations receiving $1,000 each in 2008 and 2009 


The Lebanon Rotary Club has continued its support for the Rotary International Polio Plus Program throughout the years. During the 2008-2009 year the "Sustaining Membership" contributions topped $7,500 for the first time in the history of the club. These funds were used by Rotary International to support the Polio Plus Program. Members of our club donate $100 towards this contibution each year. 

Another way we supported the Polio Plus Program is that our club sponsored Lebanon Rotarian John Carr on his travels to Cotonou, Benin in Africa on November 4 - 10, 2009 to assist in administering Polio vaccines to children through the RI Polio Plus Program.  (Pictured below)