Paul Harris Fellows

Information about the Rotary Foundation and the Lebanon Rotary Club's Paul Harris Fellows:


The Rotary Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation that supports the efforts of Rotary International to achieve world understanding and peace through international humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs.   It is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world.

Paul Harris  Fellows are Lebanon Rotarians who have donated $1,000 or more to the  Rotary Foundation Program Fund which includes the Annual Programs Funds,  Polio Plus, or the Humanitarian Grants Program, or individuals who have had that amount contributed in their name.   Members who have donated  $2,000 are noted with the "+1" to the right of their name.  Members who have donated $3,000 are noted with the "+2" to the right of their name.

Lebanon Rotary Club's 

Paul Harris Fellows:


Jim Adair 

Gib Adkins

Don Allen +1 

Kevin Allen

Chris Armstrong

Paul Bobbitt

O. L. Bohrer 

Wilber Bradley +1

Dan Brady 

Patti Brayfield

C. E. Brown

Ron Burnett

Ed Carr

J. Kenneth Carr

Jared Carr

Jeff Carr  

John Carr +1

Steve Carr

Don Clark +1

Hugh Corry +1

Joseph Cousley

Kenneth Cowan

Glen Cummins

Craig Curry

George Curry

Joy Davis +1

Mike Davis +1

Martin Dryden

David Donnelly +1

Mike Edwards

Mike Eilenstein

Ed Elsea

David Engsberg

Bill Ersery

Brian Esther +1

Joe Esther

Bob Fields

Joe Flesch

Bob Garner

Alvin Green

Wesley Haisty +1

Joe Hardcastle

Brian Hash

George Hash +2

Donti Hawkins

W. T. Heidecker

Steve Hite

Brian Hobbs

Dick Hobbs +1

W. E. Holman

Jack Howard

Dorey Howe

Kenneth Howe

Noble Hudson

Ginger Johnson

Greg Jones

Joe Knapp

Michael Kirkland

Jim Kueny

Herbert Lenz

Bill Lewis +1

Kim Light

Tom Luthy, Jr.

Curtis Mather

Jack McCulloch

Nick Mebruer

Beverly Miller

Karen Miller

Ken Miller

Bob Mitchell

Jim Montgomery

Susan Mott

Johnny North

Bob E. O'Neil

Tom O'Neil +1

Edward Owen +1

James Owen

Paul Page

Max Pickering

Steve Pickering +1

Jon Presley

Ellis Rainey

Joy Randolph +1

Bonnie Reese

John Reese +1

Tom Reese

James Renner

Paul Reidle

Marc Roecker

Doug Russell

Joe Saeger

Martin Sanders

W. A. Schuette

Sybl Slaughter+1

Vic Slaughter +1

Coyle Thomas

Richard Tiller

Greg Turner

Lance Vestal

Bill Wheeler

Larry Winfrey

Ellword Willard

Angie Wright

Dalton Wright+3

Matt Wright

Russell Wyatt


Lebanon Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellows

       2013 Paul Harris Fellows -          Lebanon Rotary Club

2014 Paul Harris Fellows

Lebanon Rotary Club

2012 Paul Harris Fellows

Lebanon Rotary Club

Rotarian Brian Esther Presents Lebanon Paul Harris Fellows Chris Armstrong and Bob Mitchell

Lebanon Rotarian Brian Esther Presents Paul Harris Fellow Larry Winfrey 

Rotariane Brian Esther Presents Lebanon Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellows Bill Wheeler and Doug Russell