The History of the Lebanon Rotary Club


75th Anniversary Edition - History of the Lebanon Rotary Club on the Web Site History

"The 75th Anniversary Edition - The History of the  Lebanon Rotary Club" found on the Lebanon Rotary Club's web site, is a composite of past histories of the club which include:  "Lebanon Rotary Club 1936 - 1996 Tidbits of History",  and "A History of the Lebanon Rotary Club" as published in Lebanon Rotary Club's 2001 - 2002 Yearbook.

(Pictured Above:  This Rotary Bell used at the first meetings of the Lebanon Rotary Club)


Sources of the Club's History

Interviews, discussions, presentations of members, and a survey "Questions of the History of Lebanon Rotary Club", completed by past presidents:

Hugh V. Corry 1968-69

Tom O'Neil 1982-83

Dr. Tom Luthy 1984-85

Will Bradley 1985-86

Glen Cummins 1987-88

Dick Tiller 1988-89

Mike Davis 1992-93

Johnny North 1994-95

Kenneth Howe 2000-01

Mike Edwards 2002-03

Joy Randolph 2005-06

Steve Pickering 2007-08

Marc Roecker 2008-09

Joy Davis 2009-10

Bill Wheeler 2010-11

Larry Winfrey 2012-13

Joe Knapp 2014-15

(Pictured Above:  Rotarian Kenny Howe explains the early beginnings of the Lebanon Rotary Club during a 75th Anniversary Celebration)


Additional Sources of the Club's History

Information collected from the Lebanon Rotary Club Year Books  1948 through 2002.   

 Frank Nelson (Rotary President 1952-3) Scrapbook  Pictures from the 1950's

Lebanon Rotary Club Scrapbooks from 

2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05, and 2005-06.

Pictures and Lebanon Daily Record                      

Newspaper clippings from a number of Rotary Club members.

Special thanks to Sandra Hill Waterman and Ron Hill for the use and donation of past Lebanon Rotary Club Year Books and other memorabilia of their father, the late Senator J. Morris Hill, Lebanon Rotary Club President 1954-55.

(Pictured Above:  Rotarian Susan Mott discussed what it was like to be one of the first women in the Lebanon Rotary Club during a75th Anniversary Celebration)

(Pictured below  Rotarians Tom O'Neil, Wil Bradley

and Dr. Tom Luthy discuss different aspects of the club's history at a 75th Anniversary Celebration )

Lebanon Rotary Club - History Committee 2010

Chris Armstrong

Cathy Dame

Joy Davis

Mike Davis

Bob Fields - Chair

Bill Wheeler