Club History of the 1960's


In 1963 the Lebanon Rotary Club moved their meetings to Mr. Rubottom's Shepherd Hills Restaurant (pictured left/above) where excellent food awaited the Rotarians each week. We are told that Rotary members enjoyed getting to the meeting early because the buffet meal set up by the crew there was not always complete at straight-up noon, so Rotarians enjoyed visiting while they waited.


The Lebanon Rotary Club hosted two Rotary District Conventions in the 1960's. The club hosted the District 607 Convention on March 27 & 28, 1960, and again on April 16, 17, & 18, 1968. Also, in 1967 Lebanon Rotarian Dr. C. B. (Tommy) Thomas was elected Rotary District Governor of District 607.  

(Pictures right/above:  Preparing for the 1960 District 607 Convention)


The Lebanon Club continued to support young people during the 1960's. The Club first sponsored the Lebanon High School Interact Club in 1967. The Interact Club had a membership of 19 students that first year (pictured right/above). This Rotary sponsored club for our high school students has continued to be extremely active in our school and community, assisting at many Rotary events, for over 40 years.


In 1969 Lebanon Rotarian Dr. Tom Luthy, Jr. (Pictured left/above with Neil Armstrong)  was selected as a member of a Rotary International Group Study Exchange Team that traveled to Australia. The idea of the exchange program is to select outstanding young professional people in our community and allow for the exchange of international ideas among these young professionals and Rotarians around the world.


Some of the Rotary Community subcommittees in the 1960's included: Under Privileged Children, United Way; the Fort Wood and City Relations subcommittees continued, as did the Rural and Urban Committee.

The Vocational Service subcommittees included: the Buyers, Sellers Relations and the Employer - Employee Relations Committees. International Services committees included: the International Information and the Foreign Students Project Committees. 


Pictured above:  Rotary Ladies Night at the  Shepherd Hills Restaurant in the 1960's

Pictured left/above:  One of the two Rotary District 607 Conventions hosted by the Lebanon Rotary Club in the 1960's