Lebanon Rotary Club's History of the 1990's


 During the 1990's one of the greatest changes occurred in Rotary International's history and the history of the Lebanon Rotary Club when women were accepted as members in Rotary.   In the fall of 1994, the first three women were accepted as members of our club; Susan Mott, (Pictured at left sharing with Rotarians how it felt to be one of the first women in the club), Romona Schuenemeyer, and Greta Ruble. Since then, several women have served on the board and held the offices of secretary and president; Joy Randolph and Joy Davis have both been presidents of the Lebanon Rotary Club. 


These new members have successfully fulfilled the Rotary motto of "Service Above Self" by always taking an active role in all of the Rotary events. In 1997 "Ladies Night" was changed to "Spouses Night"

During the late 80's and throughout the 1990's, Rotary International began to relax the membership restrictions on classifications in clubs so that the clubs could include multiple professionals as members (more than one banker, lawyer, accountant, educator, etc.). This change allowed for additional growth in our Rotary Club. (Pictured right/above; Pancake Day 1994)


 Attendance has always been important in the Lebanon Rotary Club over the years, and our club has used various ways to encourage attendance. The club has used the buddy system where Rotary "Buddies" would remind each other of Rotary meetings and events. Sometimes teams were established and the team with the best attendance might receive a special meal of steak, whereas the losing team might eat hot dogs. 

 (Picture left:  Cooking for the Trail Ride in 1993)

Special awards might be given to the teams with the best attendance or the worst attendance, with special signage used to designate the teams, or a huge egg might be use to designate which team won the "rotten egg" award.

By the beginning of the 1990's, the "Milk Bottle Fund" name had been changed to simply the "Shoe Fund". Each year the Lebanon Rotary Club budgeted $1,200 to $1,500 to buy shoes for needy children, but in 1992-93 the club spent $2,600 for this worthy cause.

 Community Service Subcommittees of the 1990's include: Boys Town, Seniors' Events, Babe Ruth, Teachers' Picnic, Trash Pickup, Pancake Day, Special Olympics, Rotary Scholarship, Melva Palmer Ellis Scholarship, Hillbilly Days, Shoe Fund, Share Your Christmas, County Fair Events, Football Tailgate, Trail Ride, and Kid's Fishing Day